Premium Tees and more from The Philippines.


We started Philippine Tees as a platform to deliver tshirts that were both premium quality and affordable. It was frustrating to find tshirts that were affordable online.

We felt it was important for people to have an option to purchase tshirts after they returned home, in case they forgot or simply couldn't purchase them abroad, for whatever reasons.

We know how costly it can be to ship anything from The Philipines, so we established this online store based out of the United States to help mitigate shipping costs. Our print providers assure us peace of mind in their production quality, and are well established in the industry.

So far we have created all of the designs ourselves, with some inspiration from various sources, but mostly from being inspired by real world, cultural significance. Things that represent the way of life in The Philippines, or how Filipinos deal with life and the world.

We simply want to provide the best tshirt options for everyone, and inject a little humour into the process too. Filipinos are funny! (This should be a tshirt idea, no?) We Love The Philippines, and we think you do too.

Did you forget some souvenirs? We've got you covered. Our mission is to make you the travelling hero and help bring back some sweet, sweet swag from The Philippines.

Is our store missing something you'd like? Let us know and we'll gladly create it!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you are inspired, reach out!